Celebratory Cookies

This year as we spend more time at home, many are enjoying old traditions or starting new ones!

Becky Cucalon, who is a registered dietician, and her mom, Raquel, were inspired by the book Cooking with the Saints to bake cookies once a month and give to others as a gift.

“The idea of baking Celebratory Cookies was born out of the desire to spread faith and love during these uncertain times,” Becky said.

The cookies are inspired by a section of the book that contains recipes of cookies or sweets created to celebrate the life of a saint. Each recipe is unique and specifically related to a particular aspect of the Saint’s life. Each month, Becky and her mom pick a saint who’s feast day is celebrated that month. They buy the ingredients, research the saint’s life, and then create a bookmark containing the story of his or her life. They select a day to bake and prepare each bag. The bags contain the cookies, decorated with their sticker, a small bookmark that contains the saint’s picture and story of how the cookie relates to the saint’s life. They make about 25 bags a month and give out to family, friends, priests, co-workers, and even people they see at Mass.

“Through this project, my mom and I get to bond a little extra each month and I am able to learn more about baking with her. We both have been inspired with each story we read and most importantly seeing others smile when they receive the gift has brought us joy,” Becky said.

The recipes in the book are easy to make if one is good at following directions. As a registered dietician, Becky said cooking or baking one’s own food over purchasing can be cheaper, healthier, and more rewarding. A great project to include the children since it enhances their critical thinking, math, and fine motor skills. It also helps reduce picky eating and helps them grow in self care.

In the spiritual level, Becky says when “we cook for others it’s an act of love and sacrifice that can bring joy, comfort and unity. You can even virtually bake with friends from far away. “

Some of the Saints they have read about, and prepared cookies are:

One of Becky’s favorite is St. Teresa of Calcutta whose favorite quote is “Don’t miss the chance to do small things with great love. The Saints are role models that inspire us to grow in friendship with God. Their lives are an example of hope, God’s love, and mercy. There’s always a lesson that we can learn from them and be able to apply to our own life. Our hope is that through our cooking, we may share the gift with others.”

Cooking with the Saints by Alexandra Greeley & Fernando Flores (Sophia Institute) is available at www.GoodNewsBookShop.com