Frequently Asked Questions

Do you just sell books at Good News! Book Fairs?

We want our book fairs to be an experience tailored specifically to your school, organization, or university’s uniqueness. Let’s call it a “boutique of book fairs.” We try to reach out to local authors, use media interaction, and make your shopping special! We also offer movies, gift items such as T-Shirts, posters, custom jewelry, and more! What better way to fundraise for your entity than to offer your members products they will truly enjoy

How do I get Good News! Book Fair to be held at my school?

Book a Fair on our website. Fill out the information, submit, and a member of our staff will contact you for details.

How long does your book fair last?

Our book fairs last one week. Creativity and promotion are key to success! We suggest schools be creative and provide opportunities for the whole parish family to participate in these events. This includes parish ministries, Mass attending parishioners and Religious Education. Some schools have themed Parent’s Night or Grandparent’s Day as well as a special book signing event with an author.

What is your average price for merchandise?

We have items of all price range that students can afford with their own allowance, teachers can purchase for their classrooms, and parents can buy at reasonable prices!

What kind of books do you carry?

We are always adding new releases, favorite best sellers and classics! Check our online store:

What do you offer?

We offer titles of multiple genres for Pre-K to 8Th Grade students. We highlight our AR Books! Yes, we offer gift items, not plastic trinkets, but inspirational and faith keepsakes! (Check our photo gallery for pictures). We can also schedule authors for book signing events which is so exciting for the students. We also offer rewards as a fundraiser for your school!

How do we get ready for a Good News! Book Fair?

After all your questions are answered and book fair date is scheduled, we will send you a contract. We will schedule a meeting with your librarian or book fair chairperson to go over best practices for a successful event. Promo author videos, banners, yard signs and other promotional material will be sent to your school. We are committed to help you succeed!