Meet the Author: Katy Huth Jones

Katy is the author of Treachery and Truth and other historical fiction books as well as several fantasy novels.

Katy shared a little about herself with Good News! Book Shop

1. What do you love the most about writing?                 Katy and dragon

The thing I love most about writing is making friends with heroic characters, both real and fictional. As I come to know them, they inspire me to grow in my faith.

2. What inspired you to write this book?

Almost 30 years ago, a friend gave me a picture book by Pauline Baynes (who illustrated the Narnia books) briefly telling the life of “Good King Wenceslas.” I did not know he had been so YOUNG, and his faith and courage inspired me so much, I wanted to learn more about him. Then I discovered there were no novels written about him, so I was compelled to write his story and researched as much as I could about his life and times to make it as realistic as possible.



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3. What do you like most about your main character?

The main character in the book is Wenceslas’ servant, Poidevin, who
I love like a little brother, because he is so human! He learns to have faith in the Most High God
through his godly master, but it takes him awhile to let go of his past, just like it took me.

4. What is the daily schedule of a writer?

For many reasons I’m not as organized as some writers. Novels for me are like piecing a quilt. I research (my favorite part since it’s like digging for buried treasure) and I handwrite all my first drafts. There’s an important connection between my brain and my hand holding a pen or pencil.

5. What advice you would give to an aspiring writer?

For aspiring writers of any age (I started writing stories in second grade), I recommend reading as much as you can and writing every day if possible, even if it’s just a few words or sentences in a spiral notebook. Some days the words pour out like a waterfall; other days they drip like a leaky faucet. But keep the words flowing so your pipes never clog.

6. Anything else you would like to share about your book?

Treachery and Truth is based on people who really lived in the tenth century (early 900’s) and events that really happened. Because it was so long ago, few records exist, so I had to fill in the gaps with my imagination as to what I believe Vaclav (Wenceslas) and Poidevin might have done. If you ever have the chance to visit Prague in the Czech Republic, especially the museum at Prague Castle and the Wenceslas Chapel in St. Vitus Cathedral, you can be further inspired to see how Wenceslas has never been forgotten and is still honored today!

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