Meet the Author: Leslea Wahl

Interview with author Leslea WahlLeslea Wahl is the award-winning author of Where You Lead, The Perfect Blindside and An Unexpected Role. She lives in Colorado with her husband, three children and her adorable pets who she likes to include in her stories.

What do you love the most about writing?

Being a writer means I can work from anywhere and I can even wear my pajamas while I work! While that is a fun perk, what I really love most about writing is being creative and hopefully touch the lives of the people who read my books.

What inspired you to write this book?

Where You Lead has been a long time in coming. The opening scene in the book is based on a thought that came to me over 25 years ago when my husband and I moved to Washington DC as newlyweds. I always believed this odd idea would make a great beginning for a book, but I was not a writer then, so I shoved the idea to the back of my mind.

Years later, after I had two YA books published, The Perfect Blindside and An Unexpected Role, I started thinking about this idea again but wasn’t sure how to make it fit into a YA novel. Finally, inspiration struck and Where You Lead was born.

What do you like most about your main character?

The main character Eve has a very unusual experience. She believes that God is calling her for a mission. I love that she has the courage and faith to say “yes” to this calling. While most people will never experience anything as dramatic as Eve’s experience, I think we are all called in small ways to help those around us. I pray that I will recognize God’s call and have the courage to say yes.

What is the daily schedule of a writer?

When I’m working on a new book, I like to write a little every day. I don’t usually make outlines for my stories. I start with an idea and maybe know of a few scenes I hope to include and then just let my imagination dictate the path of the story.

When I first began writing, I had the luxury of being able to focus only on one story. Now I have to spend a lot of time marketing my books as well as reading other YA books for the book reviews I post on my website.

What advice you would give to an aspiring writer?

I have three pieces of advice.

1 – Keep Writing

Continue to write and create. The more you practice any skill, the better you become.

2 – Continue to Read

You can learn a lot about the craft of writing by reading and observing other authors’ styles.

3 – Find a Mentor

A teacher, author, or a writing group that can give you constructive advice is invaluable. If I hadn’t had the guidance of a mentor, I probably wouldn’t have any books published.

Anything else you would like to share about this book?

Where You Lead was so much fun to write because most of the places that the characters visit are places that I had enjoyed when we lived in Washington DC. Writing this novel brought back many wonderful memories. I hope readers will enjoy this newest adventurous mystery!