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Free Speech Free Style- Tuttle Twin Series


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Meet the Tuttles: There is Emily and Ethan, better known as the Tuttle Twins, and their adventurous Cuban grandmother Gabby! Let’s not forget Grandma Gabby’s pet racoon, Derek, who is always along for the ride. Along the way you will meet many other characters from their neighborhood such as Karinne Carmichael who is always causing mischief. There is never a dull moment with Grandma Gabby as she travels to the past with the twins and meets other interesting people. 

In this issue, it’s election time for the cul-de-sac kidz club and Karinne is spreading sleazy lies about Ethan. To learn what it means to have free speech the twins visit James Madison, Mr. Megaphone, and even North Korea. Will they be able to top Karinne while protecting her right to free speech?

The Tuttle Twins graphic novels teach about historical characters and economic principles in a fun and entertaining way. Topics include: inflation, disagreeing civilly, fair play, civil disobedience, crisis and control, free speech, dangers of communism, and persuasion vs force among others. 

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