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Thumbelina – Classics Illustrated Junior # 520


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Hans Christian Andersen

Follow the adventures of Thumbelina as she encounters toads, butterflies, bees, mice, moles and swallows on her quest to marry The King of the Flowers. Thumbelina iscontent to spend her days rowing in a boat made from a tulip petal and sleeping in a cradle made from a polished walnut shell. Then one horrible night a toad kidnaps her, and she is tossed from one wretched adventure to another. Will Thumbelina be forced to marry the toad’s son or spend her days deep underground with a rich mole? Only her steadfast kindness and bravery and the help of some loyal friends will lead Thumbelina to true love.

Soft cover, 32 pages, beautifully remastered art, printed 2004. Appropriate for ages 4-8.

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